Sunday, March 27

Happy Easter!

Easter yak!

Easter best on Easter Sunday!

Our NINE month old. Can't believe it. This baby is heaven.

Sam helped me make some fancy chocolate bunnies and eggs, and I told him he could eat one on Easter Sunday. He was very patient and didn't sneak a taste. It was pretty funny to watch him finally devour an Easter bunny - for some reason he didn't think to pick it up?

The best picture we could get of all of us at my mom's for Easter dinner, but somehow it describes our current family dynamic pretty well. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Spring Break! How grateful I am for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, that He loves every one of us and is involved in our lives, even down to the seemingly mundane details. I see His hand in my life every day, and I am so grateful to have a knowledge of Him, His perfect life on this earth, and the power that He shares with us to overcome weakness, sin, and insecurities to be our best selves. The times I am most happy are the days when I am trying my best to live like He did, to follow His example, and love everyone.

Happy Easter to all of you!

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